Weekly Stock Car

Piper Clark Gets The Win!

This week there were 4 racers in the amateur Nascar class. Piper Clark won the race with 287 laps, just 1 lap off of the track distance record. Much of the race she was predicted to finish in the 287-288 lap range, and came up just a bit short of the track record. Keep in mind that she is 11 years old!! She did however set a new personal distance record.

Robert Hanlen had a great race as well finishing in second place, and winning a few segments along the way. He was able to keep the pressure on Piper most of the race. Robert is at the track every week running the Friday night stock car class, and had perhaps his best race to date. I look forward to seeing Robert’s lap totals increase from here. He also volunteers his time marshaling the Saturday series races that he is not participating in. We all appreciate his willingness to help out!!

Third place went to Mike Wilson, who did not have a Mike Wilson kind of race. It looked like the car was not working quite the way he needed it to. I am certain that he will be in the mix for wins like usual by the next race.

Mike Shea rounded out the field in 4th place. Mike is new to the track, and does a very good job out there. He lays down consistent laps and does not overdrive his car. He finished with 256 laps which is more than respectable for a beginner. Look for Mike to be contending for podiums in the very near future.