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Chelan’s Ricky Racer Wins A Very Close Expert Nascar Race!

10 racers this week in the expert Nascar class. Rick Dodge made the 3 hour one way trip over the mountains from Chelan and jumped out to an early lead over myself and Tim Burgess. Jim Radford uncharacteristically had a poor start to his race and had to play catch up the entire race.

During the middle parts of the race, Rick and I were able to separate ourselves from the group a bit. There was fantastic racing, and very close battles all throughout the field for position as there is just about every week!!

Rick out drove me in the final segment to win the race. Congratulations to Rick on driving a superb race. My bid for the win was ended after I made an error getting into the esses. Third place went to Jim Radford who had to scramble all race to get caught back up.

For those who saw me get a little animated at the drivers panel and heard me letting a few cuss words fly during the final segment was unnecessary by me. I was frustrated with my driving in the last segment. I will pack a better attitude with me this week 🙂