Raceway Updates

Ready for Paint!

Raymond and I made it pretty far this week on the track restoration project, we got the track sanded and the braid shelf re-routed. Two reasons we did this: 1) The track was originally built with a non-standard sized braid, narrower than the typical 1/4″ braid we use. 2) The router does a great job of getting rid of the old glue. As it turns out we ended up about +.0015 deeper than the twister so there should be minimal car setup change between tracks. I also standardized the track/computer interface wiring on all the tracks and Lapmaster timing systems with the installation of 9-pin molex connectors. We can now swap timing system units between any tracks or our cold spare we keep on the shelf. Probably take less than 1 minute, although the need has never arisen, I’ve had nightmares when we hosted the National Championships about not having enough redundancy.