What Really Matters

Often times, we as racers get caught up in how fast our car is going, ¬†where we finished in a race, or why we didn’t achieve our desired results. I believe having a competitive spirit is a good thing, not only at the track, but also in life. There are not too many happenings in life that inspire me (not sure why) but it seems like most of the time when I am inspired, it comes from a child.

Wednesday night, the kids race on the Bullring with their womp womp cars, and last night 3 little racers were in a tight battle for the lead going into the last 2 segments. As the 7th segment started, leader Tristan Hyde had a motor screw fall out ending his chance for the win. Kids have the same competitive spirit as adults do, and Tristan wanted to win that race. Having missed half of the segment Tristan’s car was repaired and went back on the track, not only trying to do the best he could, but also offering words of encouragement to the racers he was in a tight battle with. Dealing with disappointment is a part of our sport/hobby, and Tristan displayed great sportsmanship and maturity. Tristan is an 11 year old who drag races on Tuesday night, runs with the kids on Wednesday, and is getting started with the NASCAR class on Friday. Thanks Tristan for reminding me that results are not all that matters, and we come to the track to, yes, see who wins the race, but more importantly enjoy the free time we have in our lives racing cars with our friends.