Word Of The Week: Parity

In the 7 Nascar races that have been run this year, there have been 5 different winners. You can look up and down the drivers panel at the start of a race, and literally anyone of those drivers could win the race. It has definitely led to some phenomenal racing, as was the case this past week with Bill Clemans passing Lee Gilbert in the final 10 seconds to win the race.

Ray Bishop, and Craig Rieland came out to race last week, so there are 2 more guys that will be in the mix for a win. The Nascar class is racing this Friday (as always) at 7pm. If there is anyone who maybe hasn’t raced in awhile and needs some assistance getting their cars ready to race, come early as there are many guys willing to help out.

This Saturday is the start of the Spring/Summer series for 1/24 Eurosport, and GT 12. Racing starts at 3pm. See you at the track.