Ready, Set, Lets Race!!!


Another big weekend of racing kicks off this Friday night with the Nascar group at 7pm. Saturday racing starts at 3pm, racing that day will be Amateur LMP, Expert LMP, Group 10, GT 12, and 1/24 ES. Last month we were done by 9:30. There were 5 different winners in the 5 races run last month, parity is the word that comes to my mind.
For the last month the Friday night group has had between 15-19 racers each night. I would count on a lot of racers for the Saturday series racing as well, which will again include Rick Linn coming all the way from California to compete with us.
Is anybody going to be able to put a halt to the roll the Everett’s are on in 1/24 ES. Smart money says Jim Radford, and Lee Gilbert will, as usual, be a force to contend with. Rick may have had the fastest car on the track last month until mechanical issues took him out. Don’t count out Tim Burgess either!

Switching gears a little, in the last few months a couple of people have asked how or where did I start slot car racing. I thought it might be fun to share not only my story, but anyone else’s story of how they started. Mine goes like this.
When my wife was working, and on my weekday off I would be at home with my then 7 yr old daughter. After growing somewhat tired of playing with Dora The Explorer dolls, and various other toys, we went to Toys R Us to look for something different. I found a $40 slot car racing set, and we were both excited to get home and play with it. Set up in the kitchen before mom got home we went for hours straight, put it away for the day and brought it out a few more times after that. Remembering a commercial raceway in Everett that I had seen 20 years ago I did a search of raceways in the area. PSCR popped up, and we went to the track to rent some cars. My 7 yr old daughter started racing in the kids division, and had a lot of fun, winning a few races along the way. The next step for her was the Nascar class, and for awhile I would bring her up there most Friday nights to race. Racing at that time was done on the Bullring (rental track). I had zero intention of racing, up until the point when Ken Cavish would bring his daughter to the track, and soon both girls wanted to play instead of race. I decided what else was I going to do, so picked up her controller and entered myself in the race. We both had a massive amount of fun racing againest each other in the amateur class, including the infamous Queen topples the King race, in which she beat Dale Olive and may or may not have had a little help from her fellow competitors in making sure Dale had some trouble on the track! Madison was a very good racer, winning series championships in amateur LMP, and 1/32 GTP. With massive amounts of help from Jim Radford, and Tim Burgess, I am the addict that I am today. 5 years ago to the day is when we entered our first race. Womp Womps on the Bullring! Should anyone want their story shared, write up your story and give it to me at the track. I think it would be really cool to hear from some of the seasoned vets, and what it was like racing in the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s.