Doug Yarbrough Scores His First Win

12 racers were at the raceway for the Friday night Nascar races. The field was split evenly with 6 amateurs, and 6 experts.
Ryan Guiher jumped out to an early lead, with Doug and Jim Nelson right behind him. Chris Alden, a familiar name at the top of the leader board was buried all the way in last place for the first two segments. Doug would take over the lead from Ryan and lead the rest of the way to pick up his first win at PSCR. Chris would rally to second place, but had a night where nothing went well for him in the race. Ryan finished third to get his first podium finish. We classify this group as amateurs, but they are really fine racers!

Lee Gilbert would set fast time and return to the 4.4 club in qualifying for the expert group. Aaron Roed would lead the first heat, but Lee snatched it away for segments 2 and 3. Methodically working his way up the leader board was Jim Radford, and now this trio would race very hard for the top spot. In a very close finish, Aaron held on to win by a 1/3 of a lap over Jim. Both racers ended up with 301 laps!
Racing continues this Friday night at 7pm.