Congratulations Ryan Guiher!


Ryan Guiher picked up his first win this past week, and did so in a very short amount of time he has been racing at the raceway.
Keith Bare paced the field of 7 amateur racers in the opening segment, but not much went well for him after that. Ryan took the lead away, but pressure was being applied by second place racer JD Gardiner. For those of you wondering where in the heck is Chris Alden, he again got off to a slow start and found himself in the middle of the pack. As the race wound down, Chris was able to close the gap to within 2 laps, but credit Ryan for keeping his composer and holding on for the win. Doug Yarbrough had another good race and finished third. Chris Alden failed to lead after any segment and I am certain he will be back this Friday looking to regain the top step of the podium. It is impossible to predict what will happen this week, but I do know that this class is full of action as there have been 2 first time winners in the last 2 weeks. That trend could very well continue this week, as Keith Bare is running really well, and could easily be in the mix for a win.

Low car count in the expert class this week had 4 racers signing up for racing, including Fred Klinger who has been away for a few months. It would be hard to find someone that doesn’t enjoy racing with Fred. Chris Alden, and Ryan Guiher raced with this group after the amateur race. Jim Radford had fast time in qualifying at a 4.55, with Lee Gilbert just a thousandth behind him. Amapert Chris Alden was third in qualifying as well. Aaron and Jim were able to pull away from the field in the early part of the race, with no more than 1 lap separating the two racers the entire time. I think it was established early on that neither driver was going to push too hard, and this race would be settled in the final 2 segments. Aaron was able to pull this one out, winning by a large margin of 16 sections, Jim was second, and Lee came home third. We are back at it again this Friday night at 7pm. If you have ever thought about seeing what racing is all about, I would encourage you to come to the raceway and check it out. Ryan didn’t know what a slot car was a few months ago, now he is winning races!