Gene Caldwell Dominant On Friday Night

12 racers found there way to the track this past Friday, including new racer Shawn Hutchings.
7 amateurs lined up for their main event, and Jim Nelson got off to a good start leading after the first segment. Gene Caldwell took over the lead in the second segment and led the rest of the way for the win. There was a good tussle for positions 2-5 all race long between Alden, Yarbrough, Guiher, and Nelson, but nobody this race could match Gene’s exceptional driving, and thought process throughout the race. Gene’s actual/potential (which is a good indicator of how consistent you performed on the track) was at a 94.3%, which is really really good. Nice run Gene! This class has had 4 different winners in the last 4 weeks.
In the expert class, Jim Radford set fast time in qualifying, with the top 4 separated by just half a tenth. Racing was very close as usual, and everybody was chasing Lee for the first half of the race. Lee had a little trouble in the 6th segment, and Aaron was able to sneak in and take the lead. Jim put tons of pressure on for the lead, but Aaron was able to eek out a win. Jimmy was second, and Lee third.
Saturday Feb 20th is another series race. Racing starts at 3pm with the LMP class.