22 Racers Strong!!!

Last night drew 22 entries for the Friday night Nascar program. I’ve been up there a while, and I cannot remember there being that many people at the track for a Friday night race other than at the flats. To me, it adds some more excitement to the night, and it’s just damn cool to see that many people at the raceway to race slot cars!
Onto the racing, a 13 person round robin was on tap for the amateur group! Eric Tatterson made his first start, and didn’t finish last! Doug Yarbrough got the hole shot and led the first segment. Last weeks winner Gene Caldwell would take over the lead at the end of the second segment and led a good portion of this race. Keith Bare found himself on the same lap as the leader halfway through the event, but dawg gone it if something else didn’t go wrong again this week. Keith is well on his way to getting some really good finishes, but as he acknowledged after the race, he has to put 8 complete segments together, and I have no doubt that he will. In the final 2 segments, Doug, who fell back at one point to p6 would take over the lead and win the race. Gene was right behind him for second, Chris Aldon, Keith Bare, and Ryan Guiher rounded out the top 5. Tim Nelson, yes, Tim Nelson and Gene tied for the highest actual/potential % this week for the amateur group.
9 experts timed in, and Lee Gilbert was fast time at a 4.49. Leading the first segment was Aaron Roed, but it would be short lived as Lee had it going on tonight. Lee led most of the race after this, and wasn’t challenged too hard for the top spot. Aaron finished second, and Bill Clemans was third. Watch for Bill to continue his march up the leader board, as his car was working really good, especially in the last part of the race.
What’s next you ask? We are heading into a big weekend of racing starting Friday night with the Nascar group, and then continuing Saturday with series racing. 22 racers this past week, and we may have more this week, as I have heard of 4 different racers who did not participate this week, but intend to do so this Friday night, and into the weekend. This all takes place the weekend of Feb. 19-20th.