J.R. And Ryan Guiher Pick Up Wins On Friday Night

16 racers were on hand for this past Friday nights Nascar races. Coming off a big weekend of racing the previous week, it was good to see so many people at the track yet again.
7 amateurs lined up for their main event, and it was Ryan Guiher grabbing the early lead. Jim Nelson was solid all race long, and had the lead at the end of segments 4 and 5. Chris Alden made his typical late race charge, but fell a little short and had to settle for second place. Third place finisher Gene Caldwell played the waiting game tonight which is usually a good strategy, however, everyone was really clean in this race and Gene would have to settle for third place. Jim Nelson led a bit in the middle part of the race, but faded to fourth at the end. This week, Ryan Guiher had the highest actual/potential with a 95.3 % in what was a very clean race. Pay attention to who has the highest actual/potential in this class, and there is a good chance that person also won the race!

Moving to the expert group, Lee Gilbert would be fast time in qualifying at a 4.60. 5 drivers were separated by exactly a tenth of a second in qualifying. With 9 drivers in this race, it would be run as a round robin, and Jim Radford elected to sit out the first segment. 3 different racers led this race, and at no point during the race did the leader lead by a full lap! Jim Radford was a little better than the rest of us and won the race. Aaron was second, and Lee was third. The top 3 were separated by a half lap at the end. Doug Yarbrough is officially an expert racer now, and has a good chance to be in the mix for some podiums in the near future.

Racing continues this Friday night at 7pm with the Nascar class.