Clemans, And J. Nelson Winners On Friday Night

Snow and ice kept a few racers away last night, but 10 racers made it to the track for some Friday night Nascar action, including 1st time racer Dick Pitigliano!

Jim Nelson flexed his muscle in the amateur race, winning the contest by a large margin. Cora Nelson finished second and upheld the family name as her husband didn’t make it too far in the expert race. Finishing in the final podium position was Fonn Guiher.

The expert race was won by Bill Clemans. The key to Bill’s success was staying out of trouble as his actual/potential percentage was 97.0, typical Bill! Finishing second was Jim Alden, who by the way won his first expert race the previous weekend. Third place went to Fred Klinger.

Up next is is Nascar racing on Friday night at 7pm, and series racing on Saturday the 17th with a 1pm start time.