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Clark Family Fundraiser Results

By: Jim
March 9, 2014

Diane and I would like to thank everyone for their generous support of the fundraiser we had for the Clark Family on Saturday. At the fundraiser we raised $3,303 in raffle tickets, rentals and donations. This is in addition to the online campaign which has as of now raised $8187 to support the needs of the Clark Family.

Our sincere gratitude goes towards these local businesses who provided raffle prizes, food and other consideration for this event We encourage you to patronize these businesses who continue to support the communities they are in:

Lowes Home Improvement (Bonney Lake Store)
Haggen Foods Lakeland
Subway Milton
Subway Lakeland
Starbucks Lakeland
Starbucks Seattle (2nd & Lenora)
Starbucks A Street
Costco Federal Way
GLM Charters
Auburn Golf Course
Northshore Golf Course
Alisha Morgan Massage
Panera Kent Station
Fred Meyer

There is no way we could have pulled off this event in such a short time period with the help from our friends and family:
Lauren McCuistion
Julie Leahy
Karen Adams
Pam & Fred Klinger
Robin Miller
Brittney Magley
Robbie McCuistion
Kelly Maynard
Linda Herrman
Frida Leahy
Aaron & Andrea Roed
Bob & Sarah Adams

And all the people who bought raffle rickets – again a huge thank you!

Jim & Diane

Clark Family Fundraiser Saturday March 8th 1-6PM

By: Jim
March 4, 2014

Piper Clark races on Wednesdays in our Kids racing Program. She has done this pretty consistently for the past few years. This kid opens the door and repeats my name loudly several times to announce her arrival before she even turns the corner where I can see her from behind the counter “JIM JIM JIM”. It always makes me smile when she does this. I’d like to think I am the reason she keeps coming back every week but the reality is she comes with her Grandpa Fred, and to see her best friend Ashlynn Roed (whom she met at the track). In addition to Fred bringing Piper to the kids races, Fred is one of our Expert racers in our Friday Stock Car Program.

Pipers Father, Beau Clark was diagnosed with brain cancer a few years ago, he and his family have fought, in the bravest possible way this affliction. Beau went into remission but the cancer has returned. Beau is now under hospice care at home and the prognosis is not good.

Beau and his wife Melissa are young and with a young family. They struggle with the financial burdens due to Beau’s cancer. This is where Diane and her Daughter Lauren McCuistion stepped up and planned this Fundraiser to help the Clark Family. She has enlisted many people to help with this task and over $4,000 has been raised to go to support the needs of this family. I am personally grateful for everyone who has come forward with raffle prizes and support for this event and family.

So please join us this Saturday March 8th from 1-6PM for raffles, a bake sale and other fun events to help this family in their time of need.

For those who are unable to attend the fundraiser the opportunity to help still exists. There is an online fundraiser at Giving Forward to support the Clark Family. It can be found here

Winter 2013 Drag Points Series Results

By: Jim

We have finished off another successful drag racing points series last Tuesday.

Dave Collins won more races in our Bracket Class and I believe anyone has in any prior. This means he easily won the overall by a huge margin.


Larry Altmayer was the winner in both the Pro Bracket Class and the .990 Index class this season.


Congratulations to you two racers, and thanks also to the rest of the drag racers for your participation.

Kids Team Race Results

By: Jim
December 5, 2013

Tonight we tried something a little different, a Team Race with each Kid pairing with a parent, grandparent or the last available adult in the building (Me).


The Teams were:
Piper Clark/Fred Klinger
Mike Walton/Chase Walton
Mark Bartel/Kristian Bartel
Alex Bartel/Jim Radford

As is usually the case the Kids made up for the lack of driving skills by the adults, with the exception of Fred Klinger who drove a nice clean race. In the end Team Alex/Jim took the win with 217 Laps after spending most of the race at the back of the pack, Team Chase/Mike took second with 213 laps, Team Kristian/Mark with 211 Laps, and Team Piper/Fred with 210 Laps. Fast lap was set by Fred Klinger on Purple lane with a 5.439 lap time. Thanks to everyone for a fun night racing with the Kids.

Drag Racing Winter Series 2013/2014 Race #1 Results

By: Jim
December 3, 2013

Tonight we started a new drag points series which will run December, January and February. The Classes we will run are Bracket, Pro Bracket and .990 Index (No Qualifying). Congratulations to the the winners of the first race of the series!

Winner: Dave Collins
Runner-Up: Dale Schmidt


Pro Bracket
Winner: Larry Altmayer
Runner-Up: Dan Sullivan


.990 Index
Winner: Larry Altmayer
Runner-Up: Dave Collins


2013 Taco Nationals Drag Race Results

By: Jim

This year we saw increased entries over last, with nearly 200 entries in 8 classes. There were about 25 contestants and some really close fun racing. Not to mention more Tacos and Mexican food than we could eat!

_DSC3871.JPG _DSC3870.JPG

Congratulations to the winners of this years event!

Pro Edge
TQ: Kristian Bartel 1.130 E.T. @ 42.09 MPH
Winner: Kristian Bartel
Runner-Up: Dave Collins


TQ: Doug Jones 1.062 E.T. @ 48.02 MPH
Winner: Bob Jones
Runner-Up: Charlie Harnes

1.200 Index
Winner: Larry Altmayer
Runner-Up: Dave Collins

1.090 Index
Winner: Dave Collins
Runner-Up: Dan Sullivan

.990 Index
Winner: Doug Jones
Runner-Up: Dave Collins

TQ: Dan Sullivan .8504 E.T. @ @ 60.88 MPH (New Track Record!)
Winner: Dan Sullivan
Runner-Up: Larry Altmayer


Winner: Richard Reavis
Runner-Up: Ryan Reavis

TQ: Shawn Sweeney .5839 E.T. @ 97.4 MPH
Winner: Ryan Reavis
Runner-Up: Shawn Sweeney


Fastest E.T. Of the Event was Shawn Sweeney with a .5762, Fastest MPH was also Shawn Sweeney with 97.40 MPH both during Quick-8

Drag Racing Rules Updated for 2013

By: Jim
November 20, 2013

We have spent considerable time and effort to consolidate our drag racing rules and to simplify and clarify many of the rules. In the past our rules have been scattered throughout our website and were conflicting in some instances. This rulebook includes our general rules and also class specific rules for our larger events. As always feedback is encouraged!

A copy of our Drag Racing Rulebook can be found here

Drag Racing Program Update – Winter 2013 Series

By: Jim

We have decided to run as the third class (replacement for Pro Mod .900) A straight .990 index class, any car that fits our general rules will be allowed to compete. Lexan, Hard Body, Styrene are all welcome. We are hoping this will encourage more participation. It will still be run on a 2/tenths pro-tree. So get your cars ready and tested, The winter series will start December 3rd and run through February 25th. We will continue to run Bracket, Pro Bracket and the Drag Outlaw Challenge in addition to the .990 Index class.

Weekly Stock Car Results: Kyle Schofield wins Amateur, Aaron Roed wins Expert Class

By: Jim
October 18, 2013

We had 21 entries in 2 divisions, so many amateur racers we were able to split the amateur division into two races.


 Kyle Schofield takes the Amateur win, Drew Kanzler took second, Fred Klinger with the third place finish.


In the Expert division Aaron Roed took the win, Ross Korsky took second place, Jack Cissner took third.



2013 Taco Nationals Drag Racing Championships

By: Jim
October 9, 2013

The 2013 Taco Nationals will be held at Pacific Slot Car Raceways 2908 Meridian Ave. E. In Edgewood Washington November 9th and 10th.

Please note the date change to November 30th and December 1st

Doors Open @ 9AM, Racing begins @ 11AM.

Saturday Classes:

  • Pro Edge
  • A/FC
  • .990 Index
  • 1.090 Index
  • 1.200 Index
  • MMPS
  • Bracket
  • Quick 8

We will continue Bracket on Sunday if we do not complete all rounds on Saturday by 10 PM, followed by Quick 8

Entry Fee: $6.00 per car, unlimited entries, no buybacks.

Pit Pass: $10.00 per day (includes Taco Feast)

Plaques for Winner and Runner-Up in each class, 50/50 payout

Below please check out "YOU TUBE" videos of racing Gp 10 on the Twister plus Dan and Rob explaining some of the cars and classes we run.
In memory of our dear friend and fellow racer Rob McCuistion 1957 - 2012

Weekly Race Schedule
 Drag Racing 7PM
Wednesday (Sep - May)
Kid's Womp Racing 6PM
Nascar 7 PM

NW Challenge Cup Series

1st Saturday
Scale Racing LMP/GP10/JRL
3rd Saturday
Scale Racing GT12/Eurosport

Monthly Race Schedule

4th Saturday

See all scheduled events in our online calendar

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