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Fall Warm Up Race Results

By: Aaron Roed
September 22, 2015

12 LMP racers started the day off with Tim Burgess setting fast time at a 4.15. The B main was up first, and Chis Alden got the early lead. Leonard Strand who is not a B main racer, but had a B main car would hold onto 2nd, and the up and coming superstar Roman Ruiz was right in the thick of it as well. Roman used good driving to wrestle the lead away from the top 2, and take the win in this race. Lenny finished 2nd, and Mark Nelson came honme 3rd. Sid Fugate raced in his first LMP race, and was good. In talking to him a bit, He really like this class.

The A main was up next, and with just a tenth separating the field, this was anyone’s race. Perhaps the most competitive LMP race in the 4 years I’ve been at the track, and there have been many tight races, this race had 4 lead changes and came down right to the end. Tom Hansen was able to edge Bill Clemans by 2 sections, with Aaron Roed coming in just a lap behind those two. Timmy would be the last to admit it, but had some bad racing luck, otherwise he would have been in the 320-322 lap range as well. Lee Gilbert may have had the fastest car, but a loose wheel got him in this one. The top 4 racers were separated by 4 laps at the end, but it was even closer than that throughout the race. Happy to hit the podium in this race, as this group of racers are the best of the best in my book. With all of us dripping with sweat from intense concentration, and adrenaline, you would have thought we had just finished some 2 on 2 basketball.

Group 10 was up next, and again Timmy was fast time at a 3.71. With 7 racers ready to go, and down a marshall, keeping your car in the slot was as important as it always is. Roman would be the winner, followed by Tom, and Leonard. Great win for Roman, as he took down some really good racers. Series racing resumes in October.


Ruiz and Clemans Win!

By: Aaron Roed

Friday night had 15 entries in the weekly Nascar class. 7 amateurs started the main, with Roman Ruiz jumping out to an early lead. Chris Alden tried to keep it close, but a broken guide sent him to the pits for a segment. This was a rougher race than normal, but Roman steered clear of the wrecks and cruised to victory. Jim Nelson, and pre teen Tristan Hyde joined him on the podium.

8 experts were on hand, including Roman getting some valuable race time with the expert group. Bill Clemans set fast time at a 4.44, just shy of the track record. Don’t be surprised if that record falls this week. Aaron Roed led the first 3 segments, until the motor expired during the fourth segment. Bill would have won this race even if I did’t have motor issues. Lee got back in the mix in the middle part of the race, but it was all Clemans tonight. Best appearing, fast time, and the win, not a bad night, probably had the fastest glue car too!!!!

Racing again this Friday night at 7pm. Bill looks to make it 3 in a row, but we hope to at least make it difficult for him. Roman will have his car back in action, continuing to grow as a racer. (he’s moving forward at a rapid pace) Look for Chris Alden to be up at the front again, as the last 2 weeks mechanical issues have set him back. Jim Nelson looks to find the top of the podium as well.

Warm Up Race Saturday Sept. 19th

By: Aaron Roed
September 14, 2015

All 4 classes ( LMP, GP10, GT12, and 1/24 Euro) will run this Saturday the 19th starting at 3pm.

Clemans Edges Gilbert

By: Aaron Roed

13 racers were on hand for the weekly Friday night Nascar races. Tom Hansen was back after taking most of the Summer off, and anytime Tom shows up, you kinda know that the pace is going to be quicker.

5 amateurs lined up for their main, and it turned out to be the Roman Ruiz show. Chris Alden was in a hole early, but ended up with a decent lap total of 260. Jim Nelson grabbed the last podium spot. Roman, and Chris will continue to push each other, no telling what will happen this week.

A full field of 8 experts hit the track, and Aaron Roed was the TQ at a 4.56. Bill Clemens took the lead after 3 segments, with a hard charging Lee Gilbert right behind him. These 2 would have an epic race to the end, as they would alternate the lead after each segment from the 4th segment to the end. Close racing for the win has become the norm for these guys, as this isn’t the first time they have had a race come down to the final seconds. Racing next to each other on the track, both racers had to push as hard as they could, and miss a couple wrecks. Bill nipped Lee at the end by 2 sections. Fantastic race!

Racing continues this Friday at 7pm.

Race Report 9-4-15

By: Aaron Roed
September 7, 2015

14 racers were on hand this Labor Day weekend for the Nascar races on the Twister. 6 amateurs lined up for their main event, including JD Gardiner who was back for the first time in awhile.
Jim Nelson would take command of this race early on, with Roman Ruiz, and Chris Alden in pursuit. As it’s been most of the Summer, Chris Alden grabbed the lead by the third segment, and was engaged in a fierce battle with Jim, until the dreaded loose wheel jumped up and bit Jim. Chris was your winner, followed by Roman who slogged his way through this one, fighting a car that would just not work. JD recovered from earlier misfortunes to grab the third and final podium spot.

8 experts hit the track, and Aaron Roed was the TQ at a 4.53, with Dale Olive just 5 thousandths off of that time. It set the stage for a great battle between these friendly rivals. This race turned out to be a little rougher than normal, maybe everyone was a little more amped up due to the fact that Leonard Strand made his return to the raceway! I think just about everyone in the building walked over to Lenny and told him they were glad to see him back. Aaron, Dale, and Lee Gilbert for set the pace for the first 3 segments, with Jim Radford moving into the top 3 halfway through. At the end of 5 segments things got interesting, as Aaron spent a few laps under the soda machine, allowing Jimmy to close within a lap. Aaron would recover to take the win, followed by Jim, and Dale.

Racing resumes this Friday night at 7pm. Don’t forget there is a warm up race Sept. 19th for all 4 classes that we run. Racing that day will start at 3pm. Now is the time to get those cars ready to go, if it’s been a bit since you’ve raced, or need a little assistance getting your cars on the track, take advantage of the great resources that are available to you at the track.

Gilbert On Top This Week

By: Aaron Roed
August 31, 2015

As Summer transitions into Fall, 19 racers were on hand for some Friday night Nascar racing. There were actually another 4 racers in the building at one time or another throughout the night. Returning from extended breaks were not only the Kanzlers, but also the Schofields. Everyone was happy to see them back at the track. There were also 3 first time racers as well. Welcome Austin Mangle, Jared Newman, and Tim Nelson!
The amateur race would feature 5 lead changes among the top 3 finishers. Roman Ruiz, Drew Kanzler, and Chris Alden ran in the top 3 the entire race, but at the end, the 2 teenagers would pull away a bit, with Roman winning by a lap. Roman is a fine racer, who will be as good as he wants to be! Both Roman and Drew ran the expert race tonight as well.

In the expert class, Lee Gilbert would set fast time in qualifying at a 4.55. Lee, Bill Clemans, and Mark Nelson would run in the top 3 spots for the first three segments. Mark ran his best race so far with the expert group, and even though he didnt find the podium tonight, he is not that far off. After controller issues in the first segment (first time in 4 yrs) Aaron Roeds comeback bid ran out of steam in the final segment, as Lee was tough tonight. Lee, Aaron, and Bill were the top 3 finishers.

On a side note, it’s always exciting to have that many racers in the building for a Friday night nascar race. Let’s keep it going, Jim&Diane give us a great race track to come and race. The Friday night Nascar class is an entry level class, with both an amateur class, and an expert class, Come and include yourself in a great slot car racing environment.

Not sure why, but I can’t download pictures right now, but Lee looked studly on top the podium.

Alden Is En Fuego!!!

By: Aaron Roed
August 22, 2015


Friday night drew 10 entries for the weekly stock car group. A few racers were missing due to the Hawks game I’m sure.
5 amateurs lined up for their main event, and Chris Alden jumped out to the early lead, Jim Nelson, and Sid Fugate kept some pressure on the leader, but both racers would fade a bit as the race wound down. Cora Nelson had an excellent first half of her race, until a bent hub, and probable bent axle derailed her shot at a podium. Chris looks to sweep the month of August this coming Friday, but will face a group of eager racers itching to knock him off the top spot.

5 racers made up the expert race, and Aaron Roed’s hare lap of 4.49 was good enough for TQ.
The King would pace the field for the first segment, with Aaron, and Bill Clemans close behind. Aaron and Bill would move up a spot in the running order as the race went on, dropping the King back to third at the finish of this one. Bill has a strong car which means the rest of us could be in some trouble next week!

Racing resumes next Friday night at 7pm. If there is anyone who needs a little help getting their car going, come early, as many guys are more than willing to help out. KANZLERS!!
The Fall/Winter Series starts this year in October, but there will be a warm up race the third week of September, and all classes will race that day.

Drag Race Report Tuesday August 18th

By: Dan Parris
August 21, 2015

Tuesday the 18th good crowd and better racing.

This week saw the best turnout of the summer with fourteen different races showing up at one point or another during the night. Mark brought his brother Tim who told me he had a ball and should be regular. Ron had his two nephews racing along with him again this week. Now we have to get there dad involved. Lane and Luke Carvar returned after an extended absence and brought Bryan Rodarte with them, a past racer, who is hooked hard and will be testing this week with a new group of cars. I am helping Lane and Luke get their cars back in shape and maybe build a couple of new ones. Larry had a home emergency and had to leave before eliminations got started and Jeff came late after working a little OT. Mike Burgy came all the way from Arlington. The traffic was bad and he didn’t have time to get his cars running after a long lay off, so he was only able to run one car. We will help him next week to get some back in order.

In the top ten we had a little confusion from last week. It turned out my report was correct and Mark had taken 5th place from Ron. Ron’s car broke in earlier in testing, so he was unable to compete. Mark challenged Dale and took the 4th spot on the list. Then Shawn defended 3rd in a run with Mark. Being Larry had to leave early, Shawn couldn’t challenge Larry. I heard Larry has got his car running fast, so I guess dumb luck saved me again. I may be number one, but if I ever start down the list they will eat me alive.

Brackets were hotly contested with so many new faces. The bad part was most of the new racers only had one car to run so, they didn’t get to very deep into eliminations. We will work on that! Dale, the eventual winner, took the hard road. At one point he raced me and won. As we were walk down to get our cars this small gnome came out from the back door and pick up Dale’s car trying to hand it to me. Dale didn’t notice the little person and ran into him, knocking Dale’s car from his hand. It seems that there was some body mount damage that Dale was able to fix. The small mini me disappeared as fast as he appeared and was not seen again. Dale took me out to get into the finals against Shawn’s big old Cadillac. Well Shawn’s luck ran out and Dale took the win.

Stock eliminator had a good field and some close racing. Mark was the eventual winner when Chris went red. Mark’s car is the track record holder and instills the need for a good light when you run against him. This hast to be what was on Crisis’ mind when the red came on

Dale did a good job and extended his points lead over Mark. Next week is the last race of the series and it looks tough for Mark to overcome. The next series starts the first Tuesday in September, so you had better get ready for the winter season.

Race Results 8-14

By: Aaron Roed
August 17, 2015

14 racers were on hand for another night of racing stock cars on the Twister, including a couple of first time racers, and the return of your current womp womp track record holder Tristan Hyde.
Racing got underway in the amateur class, and Chris Alden jumped out to the early lead. Keith Bare, and Jim Nelson tried to keep it close early, but Chris was on a mission to make it two wins in a row. Talking with Keith a little, he is determined to keep his car at the front,and came home with a podium in this one. Jim was down many laps going into the final 2 segments, but clawed his way up to second, finishing 1 lap off the lead.

7 experts hit the track and Aaron Roed was TQ at a 4.50. Lee Gilbert would jump out to the early lead, Dale Olive in the # 1 car was second, followed by Aaron in third. Aaron would grab the lead after 2 segments, and not look back. Lee had some mechanical issues that took him out of contention for the win. Dale finished 2nd, and Clemans was 3rd. The expert class is super competitive, with just about everyone having a good shot at a win on any given night.

Chris Alden will go for the trifecta this Friday night in the amateur class, looking to make it 3 in a row. Can Keith pick up that elusive first win? Will Fred Klinger make it to 3 races in a row? See ya Friday!

Chris Alden Scores His First Win!

By: Aaron Roed
August 8, 2015

Friday night Aug. 7th had 14 racers ready for battle on the Twister in the Nascar class. The field was split evenly with 7 racers in each class, including new racer Jared Cortel, who was racing a loaner from Fred Klinger.
The amateur group kicked the night off, and Chris jumped out to an early lead, followed by Roman ruiz, and Jim Nelson. This was a rough race, as everyone appeared to be feeling a little extra racey tonight! Roman raced his way to the top spot at the end of 3 segments, but had some bad luck, as a broken lead wire, and cold soldering iron took him out of contention. Chris held on to pick up his first win, followed by Jim, and a hard charging Roman Ruiz. Cora Nelson would have the highest Actual/Potential of the race, a key ingredient to winning one of these races. Also back in action for the first time in awhile was the father/son team of Steve/Will Abarr, with young Will winning best appearing car of the night.

Qualifying started the night for the expert class, and Aaon Roed was TQ at a 4.55. Bill Clemans jumped out to the early lead, followed by Aaron, and Lee Gilbert. Bill and Lee would swap the lead for the 1st 3 segments, until Aaron grabbed the top spot at the end of the 4th segment. Aaron would take the win in this one, followed by Lee, and Bill. It sounds like Gordon Thomas will be back on a regular basis, as work had interrupted his slot racing career. Fred was in action as well, one of the nicest guys at the track.

Racing resumes next Friday night at 7pm, Dale is rebuilding a couple of cars for next week, and will most certainly be in the mix for a win. Can Chris make it 2 in a row in the amateur class? If you haven’t raced in a bit, and need some help getting a car back together, come early, as there are many racers willing to help.



Below please check out "YOU TUBE" videos of racing Gp 10 on the Twister plus Dan and Rob explaining some of the cars and classes we run.
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