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A Look Back In Time

By: Aaron Roed
July 19, 2016

As we are rapidly approaching the annual American Flat Track Worlds happening at PSCR July 22-24, and because I’m a bit of a history nerd, I thought it might be fun to dig up the results of the flats from 2011 just for something a little different.

Friday night started the weekend off with wing cars on the King track. Box Stock 12 was the class of choice and drew 11 entries. Chris Everett was the winner, followed by Gary Johnson, and Yakima Phil. Group 27 lite was also scheduled, but I could not find results from that race.

Saturday consisted of 3 classes. 1/32 GTP on the Bullring, LMP and Group 10 on the Twister. There were 3 mains in each class.
Eli Pile ( who will be back this Friday from Penn. ) won concours, and Shawn Sweeney was TQ in 1/32 GTP
Top 3 overall finishers in 1/32 GTP were
1.Shawn Sweeney
2. The King Dale Olive
3. Kevin Kosir
LMP had 25 entries. Concours went to Nick Carbone, and this Shawn Sweeney guy was again TQ at a 4.28
Top 3 overall finishers were
1.Bill Clemans 305 laps
2. Yakima Phil 303 laps
3. Kevin Kosir 300 laps
Group 10 had 22 entries. Concours went to Bill Clemans, and Gary Johnson was TQ at a 3.80
Top 3 overall finishers were
1. Yakima Phil 327 laps
2. Bill Clemans 320 laps
3. Gary Johnson 315 laps
Notice the amount of laps it took to win a Group 10 race 5 years ago. It could have been a messy race, but 327 laps is right about what it’s going to take to win this years LMP race!

Onto Sunday which featured GT 12, and 1/24 ES
The GT 12 race had 21 entries with Lenny Strand winning concours, and Kevin Kosir posting the top time in qualifying at a 3.61.
Top 3 overall finishers were
1. Gary Johnson 322 laps
2. Jay Mac 321 laps
3. Dub Wade 318 laps
In looking at the lap totals, I can almost guarantee this was a demo derby!
1/24 ES had 18 entries, concours went to Vance Oathout, and TQ was Alicia Gilbert at a 3.12. Alicia is Lee’s daughter and is/was a really good racer.
Top 3 overall finishers were
1. Bad Brad Hoyt 612 laps
2. Alicia Gilbert 598 laps
3. Len Strand 598 laps

The overall champion of the event was none other than Yakima Phil from???? you guessed it Yakima Wa ” The Palm Springs Of Washington”, coming in a close second was Gary Johnson.
This is my favorite event that is held at the raceway. It is extra special to win a race at the Flats, but consistency in every class goes a long way in finishing near the top for the for the overall championship. Though not official, I am almost certain the person with the most points accumulated in the 5 out of 7 classes with the most entries is the overall champion. For that persons efforts, they are rewarded with a delicious pie in the face!

Stock Cars On The Hillclimb

By: Aaron Roed
July 12, 2016

The final race on the Hillclimb was held this past Friday night and drew 10 entries.
Just 4 amateurs made there way to the raceway and Jim Nelson would jump out to an early lead. A loose wheel midway through cost Jim the lead, and a chance at the win. Gene Caldwell was able to capitalize on Jim’s misfortune and cruise to victory. Gene might not turn the fastest laps in the race, but always keeps himself in the mix by avoiding trouble and keeping himself alive in a race.

Qualifying for the experts was skipped this week, and Tom drew Orange lane with nobody on Blue. Not a favorable draw for the rest of his competition! The first segment was a bit messy, which kept everybody’s lap totals within a lap or so. Bill Clemans established himself as one of the cars to beat early on, and I was running well also. Bill and I were able to separate ourselves from Tom a little during the race and fortunately I was able to hold off Bill for the win.

This Friday we return to the Twister in preparation for the annual American Flat Track Worlds happening July 22-24.

Past, Present, and Future

By: Aaron Roed
July 6, 2016

Your unofficial pit reporter has been slackin lately, but I intend to do reports on a weekly basis like they should be done.
Friday nights have been filled with the weekly stock car races. As of late in the amateur class Ryan Guiher, and Gene Caldwell have been at or near the top. Gene makes smooth look easy and picked up the win last week. Keith Bare has also won in recent memory. The expert class has been filled with multiple winners in recent weeks including Doug Yarbrough getting his first win a few weeks ago. Tom picked up the win this past Friday in convincing fashion! Tim Burgess continues to finish in the top half of the field and is due for a win shortly.

With the Flats just a few weeks away, July 22-24, now is the time to be getting everything ready for this event. Last year the Stock Car race on Friday night counted towards the overall championship, as always check with Jim, but you non Friday night guys might want to look into this if you are planning on going for the overall championship.

There are still openings for 3 teams for the upcoming enduro that takes place in August. A couple guys that have been away from slot cars for one reason or another are coming back to race this event. These are 3 person teams, with a maximum of 8 teams. Some inside info if any of you are looking to join a team, Bill Clemans has not signed up yet, that would be an excellent choice for a teammate, just sayin’

Jim Nelson Back On Top

By: Aaron Roed
June 15, 2016

12 racers were at the raceway this past Friday night for the weekly stock car races.
5 amateurs lined up for there main, and Jim Nelson jumped out to an early lead. Cora Nelson, and Keith Bare kept it close throughout, but Jim was able to pick up the win. Cora continues to improve, her crew chief is FINALLY giving her something she can work with. Leo did a rebuild on his car and looks to contend for a podium in the near future. I even saw a third Guiher making some laps during practice!

7 racers made up the expert race, and 3 different guys had times of 4.63 in qualifying, sadly I was not one of them. Lee had a better back up time and was TQ ahead of Fred Klinger, and Tim Burgess.
Timmy was the early leader, as pre race favorite Lee Gilbert seemed to find trouble in every lane he raced in. Tim was able to maintain a 1 lap lead over second place until he reached Purple lane in the fifth segment. The braid was up just enough to upset his car, and he lost the lead and perhaps the race. I was able to inherit the lead and take the win. Lee finished second, and Leonard came back from last place at one point to finish third.

Enduro teams are forming, and there are still spots open for 3 teams (as of Friday night). All 3 tracks will be utilized, and the event will last 6 hours. There are no ” super teams” i.e. Bill Clemens, Tom Hansen, Jim Radford teams. It seems every team will have a good chance to win. This will be on Saturday, August 20th at noon.

Summer Race Schedule

By: jradford
May 16, 2016

Normally summertime slows down in the slot car world with people enjoying their vacations and doing all the outside chores around the house we’ve dreaded through the winter. So we run a modified race schedule throughout the summer with some additional fun type racing events.

Every Tuesday: Bracket Drag Racing, 7:00 PM
Every Friday: Stock Car Racing, 7:00 PM on the Twister
3rd Saturday (May 21st): AMCA Scale Series, LMP, GTP, GT12, Eurosport, Tech closes @ 1:00

Every Tuesday: Bracket Drag Racing, 7:00 PM
Every Friday: Stock Car Racing, 7:00 PM on the Twister
4th Saturday (June 25th): AMCA Scale Series, LMP, GTP, GT12, Eurosport, Tech closes @ 1:00
(Note this race is normally on the 3rd SatuRday but a vacation conflict has forced a change)

Every Tuesday: Bracket Drag Racing, 7:00 PM
Every Friday: Stock Car Racing, 7:00 PM on the Twister
July 22, 23, 24th The Flats! Friday: Stock Car, Saturday LMP, Group-10, JRL, Sunday: GT-12, 1/32 Eurosport, 1/24 Eurosport

Every Tuesday: Bracket Drag Racing, 7:00 PM
Every Friday: Stock Car Racing, 7:00 PM on the Twister
Saturday August 20th, NOON, 6 Hour Team Enduro

For details on any of these races please check our calendar or give us a call at the shop!

Upcoming Events At The Track

By: Aaron Roed
May 10, 2016

Weekly Friday night stock car racing is back in full force. Racing starts at 7pm every Friday night.
As mentioned by Mike Stahl, series racing will resume on Saturday May 21st. All 4 classes will be racing that day, the only change is the start time. Racing will start at 1pm.
See ya at the track!

Wrapping Up The Nats

By: Aaron Roed
April 27, 2016

Just a general recap of the action that took place at the Nats held April 18th-23rd. First and foremost, thank you Jim and Diane for giving us a chance to race in these big races and compete against some of the best racers from around the world. I can’t even begin to imagine the amount of time and work that goes into preparing to host an event like this.

3 of our racers made it into the Eurosport main event. They were Jim Radford, Len Strand, and “that dude” Rick Linn. Just to make the main event is a great accomplishment, as 33 very talented racers were entered. Paul Gawronski from California would lead the first 2 segments, followed closely by Jim Radford, and Matt Bruce form New Jersey. Jim Radford would lead segments 3 and 4, but was assessed a 10 lap penalty for unintentionally impeding the progress of another racer. Rick Linn would take the lead after the fifth segment, but it would be short lived as Matt Bruce led segments 6 and 7. Somewhere along the way, Paul Gawronski was penalized 3 laps I believe. I am not quite sure what the infraction was. That set the stage for a battle to the finish, as Matt had a six lap lead on Rick going into the final segment. Matt would finish on Black, and Rick on Green. Lane advantage Rick. Rick was making up a little ground on Matt, when the pinion on Matt’s car (I think) came loose ending his chance at the win. If I am as fortunate/unfortunate one day to be in the spot Matt was in, I hope I handle that situation half as well as he did. He was about the first to congratulate Rick on his win, and displayed great sportsmanship in a difficult spot. Both Jim and Matt should be proud of the way they handle themselves.
Rick drove a great race like normal, and is the 1/24 eurosport national champion. Congratulations Rick, you are one heck of a slot car racer.
Both Rick, and A main competitor Herman James indicated they will be back for The American Flat Track Worlds which takes place in the month of July.

The Nascar class will be racing once again this Friday at 7pm.

Chris Alden And Jim Radford Win On Friday Night

By: Aaron Roed
April 11, 2016

With everyone in full Nats prep mode, 13 racers found their way to the racetrack this past Friday night.
6 amateurs got the party started, including Walt Hough visiting from Malaga making his first start on the Twister. Chris Alden, and Ryan Guiher had a great race for the lead in the first half of the event, but Chris would distance himself from the field in the later stages of this one. Ryan finished second, followed by Jim Nelson in third. Walt was really impressed with the Twister, and appreciated how challenging it can be.

A full field of expert racers were up next, including Chris Alden who’s expert status is now official! I set fast time at a 4.51, just ahead of Jim Radfords 4.52. Myself and Jim were separated by no more than 1 lap the entire race. At the end of the 7th segment I took the lead for the first time in the race as my car coasted past Jim’s at the end of the segment. In a dog fight to the finish, Jimmy made an aggressive pass for the lead and went on to win. I finished with a free lesson and second place. Fred Klinger was able to grab the third spot, and in doing so, set a new personal distance record.

There is a Nascar race this Friday night at 7pm. This should be some really good racing, as I would bet there are a few guys in town for the Nats that will be competing on Friday night.

Keith Bare Picks Up His First Win!!!

By: Aaron Roed
April 6, 2016

10 racers were at the track this past Friday night, and both the amateur, and expert class had 5 racers apiece.
Keith Bare would only trail in this race during the first segment. Chris Alden kept the pressure on until the 7th segment when Keith stretched his lead to 6 laps with just one segment to go. Ryan Guiher looked like he had a little trouble in a few segments and would finish a distant third. Congrats to Keith on the big win! Keith has put a lot of time in at the raceway, and had many races where he was great for some, or most of the race. This week he was on it the entire race, and was rewarded with the win.

The ageless Lenny Strand would take it to the kids in qualifying with a fast time of 4.77. With just 11 laps separating the field at the end, Jim Radford was the winner this week. Bill Clemans was able to keep it within a lap or 2 the entire race, but would have to settle for second. There was a great race for third between Lenny, and Fred Klinger. Len would take third by just one lap. Oh yeah, Mark Nelson was racing to.

Racing resumes this Friday night at 7pm with the Nascar group.

Jim Nelson Back On Top

By: Aaron Roed
March 31, 2016

13 racers were at the track this past Friday night, down just a little due to it being Easter weekend and the fact the sun was out for the first time since last October.
7 amateurs lined up for their main, and Chris Alden got the early lead. He would have lots of company, as Ryan Guiher, Keith Bare, and Jim Nelson were right there with him, just separated by 5 laps halfway through the the race. Jim Nelson would take over the top spot at the end of 5, and not look back in taking the win. Ryan, and Chris rounded out the top 3. It was great to see Jim get a win, he is at the track racing every week. Jim also volunteers a lot of his time by marshaling classes he is not racing in, just to help out his fellow racers. Look for Jim and his familiar Yellow Nascar to continue to run for podium finishes each and every week! It also should be noted that this week Jim also had the highest actual/potential percentage at 93.7%.

6 expert racers were in action this week. I was TQ at a 4.53. Racing was close as it always is in this class, Tom Hanson, Jim Radford, and myself all took turns leading the race, with all 3 racers leading at least 2 segments. Halfway through the top 3 were separated by 3 laps, and the battle was on from there! I was able to hold on for the win, Jimmy finished second, and Tom was third. There was a really good race for the fourth position between Dale Olive, and Bill Clemans. Both of these guys are more than capable of winning each time they have a controller in their hands, this week Dale was able to secure the fourth spot.

Racing resumes this Friday night at 7 with the Nascar group.


Below please check out "YOU TUBE" videos of racing Gp 10 on the Twister plus Dan and Rob explaining some of the cars and classes we run.
In memory of our dear friend and fellow racer Rob McCuistion 1957 - 2012

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