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Olive Wins A Close One

By: Aaron Roed
May 13, 2015

_DSC0189Friday May 8th drew 15 entries for the weekly Nascar class. The amateur group had a full field of 8 drivers ready to go, and things started out with a bang as the dead man collected 5 cars right at the start. In a wild race race, Mark Nelson, and Roman Ruiz would trade the lead throughout, with Mark grabbing the lead in the 7th segment, and holding on for the win. Tristan Hyde came home 3rd, as a gear failure derailed his chance for a higher finish.
7 Pros hit the track, and Bill Clemans was top qualifier with a lap of 4.57 seconds. Jim Radford would lead the first 3 segments, but then relinquish the lead to Dale Olive at the halfway point. Aaron Roed led at the end of segments 5 and 6. Dale was able to get the lead back at the end of 7, and that set the stage for a classic Nascar finish between these 2 Friday night veterans. Aaron was able to close the gap between the 2, and running out of time, found a wall to drive into. Dale did a fantastic job of driving all race, having an Actual/Potential of 97.6. Without doing any research, I would bet that is the highest percentage in the tracks history. Aaron held on for 2nd, Lee Gilbert climbed back up to 3rd after a poor start. Bill Clemans, and Jim Radford rounded out the top 5.
See you all next weekend for another Fast Friday at Pacific Slot Car Raceways, along with 1/24 Eurosports, and GT 12 on Saturday. Chris Everett will be looking to make it 2 in a row with his Euro, and as always admission is free to the public, with racing starting at 7 on Friday, and 3pm on Saturday.

Clemans Hits The Trifecta

By: Aaron Roed


Bill Clemans swept the weekend of May 2nd by winning all 3 events. Starting Friday night in the Nascar class, and mixing the amateurs with the pros, Bill was flawless in working his way through traffic to take the win.

In Saturday’s LMP race, even though he had stiff competition throughout, he managed to get the lead in the 3rd segment, and not look back, beating Lee Gilbert by 4 laps.
Next up was Group 10 racing, and to sum this race up the best, I would have to say he wasn’t quite as bad as the rest of us and won this race by 2 laps over Aaron Roed.
Excellent weekend by an elite driver..




2016 USRA Division II Nationals to be held at Pacific Slot Car Raceways

By: jradford
April 29, 2015

Pacific Slot Car Raceways in Edgewood Washington has received the distinct honor of once again hosting the USRA National Championship races. This annual event rotates throughout the USA each year and is held around April. Raceways submit a bid to host this prestigious event and attendees vote for the following years host. We will post additional information including a schedule and class list once it is finalized.

Diane and I are grateful for your continued support and hope to see everyone in April!

2015 American Flat Track Worlds July 17,18,19

By: Aaron Roed
April 19, 2015

The annual Flat Track Worlds will be here before you know it. If you are a slot racer, this is a must race event. Drawing racers from all over the country, and of all skill levels, everyone should experience this event. California invader Justin Colvin was last years champion, and hopefully he will be back for some more pie this year. Look for his younger brother to be in the mix as well, and to try and top Aaron Roed as the rental car champion. (Not gonna happen)!


Everett is VICTORIOUS!

By: Aaron Roed

Atta Boy to Chris Everett for winning the Eurosport race yesterday. Going into the final segment he had a 1 lap lead over Jim Radford, and was able to hold on for the win. He and his dad race with a lot of class, not to mention they are both phenominal racers. Tim Burgess had a great race in a brand new car to claim the other podium spot.

Today Jim Radford, Lee Gilbert, Quick Rick Dodge, and Leonard Strand are on there way to New Jersey for the Div. 2 Scale Nats. This is the same race that was held at PSCR last April ( and hopefully again next April). This race draws competition from around the world, and each of these racers are more than capable of landing on the podium in any class they race. Good luck fellas!

Buzz From The Track

By: Aaron Roed
March 26, 2015

In the past couple of weeks more single lap records, and distance records have fallen. Len Strand reset the LMP qualifying record at 4.03 seconds, just beating the record that Tim Blurgess held at 4.04 seconds. Len decided he wanted to show off a little and reset the distance record for GT 12, turning an amazing 373 laps. Len is 78 years young and it apperars he hasn’t quite hit the peak of his slot racing career yet!

Lee Gilbert now has the single lap record 4.49 seconds, and distance record 296 laps for the Nascar class. As everyone continues to fine tune their chassis and driving, the 300 lap barrier will come crashing down sooner rather than later.

Roman Ruiz continues to run very well in the amateur Nascar class, but is starting to get some serious pressure from the rest of the group. Look for racers Mark Nelson, Jim Nelson, Keith Bare, and Tristan Hyde to perhaps claim the top spot on the podium very soon. Newcomers Gene Caldwell, and Chris Alden continue to improve every week. This is one of the most exciting classes at PSCR. If you havent raced in a bit, and need some help tuning your car, come in early as there are many guys willing to help out.

Saturday April 4th is LMP and Group 10 racing. Already there is some chatter going around the raceway about the upcoming World Flat Track Championships held at Pacific Slot Car Raceways, which take place July 17-19. It’s a great opportunity to test your skills against racers from all over the country.

Track Records Crumble

By: Aaron Roed
March 12, 2015

Wednesday March 11th, the kids who participate in the weekly womp womp division were greeted with a freshly cleaned and glued track. Each kid has improved greatly as the season has progressed, and on this special night 2 long standing track records were broken.

Ashlyn Roed reset the distance record for the 9 and under group by turning 244 laps. Understanding the importance of running clean heats, and making sure she was in control of her car at all times led to this record breaking run. Ashlyn is 6 years old, and has her eye on moving up to the NASCAR class once dance classes are over in the Summer.

Tristan Hyde ran his car to the limit without crossing it on all 8 lanes. Tristan races in the 10 and over class, and ended up turning 269 laps, beating the old record by 6 laps. Not only is he really talented, but also displays great sportsmanship each week. Tristan drag races on Tuesday nights, and has a brand new NASCAR ready to go for this Friday.

Congratulations to all of the kids that participate in the womp womp class, as each of you are improving every week. This class is a fun, inexpensive way to spend time with your kids, and the great part about slot cars is that it’s an activity that both parents and kids can do together.

2016 USRA Division II Nationals Proposal

By: jradford
March 1, 2015

Pacific Slot Car Raceways is pleased to announce it will place a bid to host the 2016 Division II USRA National championship race to be held in April 2016 at a yet to be determined raceway.

Our full proposal can be found here: 2016 USRA Division II Nationals Proposal as a .pdf document

We had the honor of hosting the Nationals back in 2014. The 2014 Nationals was a 5 day event held in April, We had: 264 entries in 9 classes.

Please feel free to review our proposal, we welcome all feedback!

Jim & Diane

What Really Matters

By: Aaron Roed
February 26, 2015

Often times, we as racers get caught up in how fast our car is going,  where we finished in a race, or why we didn’t achieve our desired results. I believe having a competitive spirit is a good thing, not only at the track, but also in life. There are not too many happenings in life that inspire me (not sure why) but it seems like most of the time when I am inspired, it comes from a child.

Wednesday night, the kids race on the Bullring with their womp womp cars, and last night 3 little racers were in a tight battle for the lead going into the last 2 segments. As the 7th segment started, leader Tristan Hyde had a motor screw fall out ending his chance for the win. Kids have the same competitive spirit as adults do, and Tristan wanted to win that race. Having missed half of the segment Tristan’s car was repaired and went back on the track, not only trying to do the best he could, but also offering words of encouragement to the racers he was in a tight battle with. Dealing with disappointment is a part of our sport/hobby, and Tristan displayed great sportsmanship and maturity. Tristan is an 11 year old who drag races on Tuesday night, runs with the kids on Wednesday, and is getting started with the NASCAR class on Friday. Thanks Tristan for reminding me that results are not all that matters, and we come to the track to, yes, see who wins the race, but more importantly enjoy the free time we have in our lives racing cars with our friends.

Word Of The Week: Parity

By: Aaron Roed
February 18, 2015

In the 7 Nascar races that have been run this year, there have been 5 different winners. You can look up and down the drivers panel at the start of a race, and literally anyone of those drivers could win the race. It has definitely led to some phenomenal racing, as was the case this past week with Bill Clemans passing Lee Gilbert in the final 10 seconds to win the race.

Ray Bishop, and Craig Rieland came out to race last week, so there are 2 more guys that will be in the mix for a win. The Nascar class is racing this Friday (as always) at 7pm. If there is anyone who maybe hasn’t raced in awhile and needs some assistance getting their cars ready to race, come early as there are many guys willing to help out.

This Saturday is the start of the Spring/Summer series for 1/24 Eurosport, and GT 12. Racing starts at 3pm. See you at the track.

Below please check out "YOU TUBE" videos of racing Gp 10 on the Twister plus Dan and Rob explaining some of the cars and classes we run.
In memory of our dear friend and fellow racer Rob McCuistion 1957 - 2012

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