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Huge Weekend Of Racing Set For November 20th,21st

By: Aaron Roed
November 15, 2015



On tap this weekend is 5 classes of racing spread over 2 days. It all gets started on Friday night at 7pm with the Nascar class. This class has an amateur race, and an expert race. The last 4 expert races have been decided by 1 lap or less, and came down to the final seconds of the race. With the amount of entries averaging in the mid teens, there is close racing throughout the field no matter what your skill level is.
Saturday, racing starts at 3pm. LMP has both an amateur class and expert class as well. Expect to see a few new faces in this class, as a good number of the newer Nascar guys and gals will be running as well. A Saturday afternoon LMP race is as good as it gets in the expert class. I dare you to try and pick a winner, racing is super close, and just about everyone in the field has a great shot to win! Len Strand has the track record for qualifying at a 4.03, and Burgess has the distance record somewhere in the 325 lap range.
Group 10 is up next, and again there will be a few new faces in this class. Jim Radford has a fast Group 10, and while Bill Clemans may not show up with the fastest car, you can count on him racing his way to the front not only in this class, but any race he enters for that matter.
We transition to the faster cars now, and start off with GT 12. Jimmy took us all to the woodshed in the series opener back in October, but expect guys like Tim Burgess, and both the Everetts to give him all he can handle.
1/24 ES will end the night. The Everett’s are on a massive roll since early Spring, with Bob picking up the win in October. Look for Jim and Lee to be challenging for the win as well, and Ian Guy will be racing, looking to build on his near podium finish back in June.
I would encourage all racers to stick around and check out GT 12, and Eurosport racing, even if it’s just for a little while. If you would like to make some laps with a GT 12 car prior to racing, I would be more than happy to let you try it out!

Sid Fugate Wins Amateur Nascar

By: Aaron Roed
November 8, 2015

13 racers took to the track for the Friday night Nascar races. Dan Parris joined the field for some racing tonight, as he always brings a good attitude, and a couple stories to tell.
The amateur race had 7 entries tonight, and everybody brought their “A” game. The racers in this class as a group have grown together, and really put on some fine racing. The race had 6 lead changes, and after 3 segments, 6 racers were within 1 lap of each other. Chris Alden jumped ahead by a few laps after segment 5, but again another flukey thing took him out of contention. Hang in there Chris, as anybody who has raced for awhile will go through these odd stretches! Sid Fugate who was only a couple laps back of Chris, took the lead and went onto win. Excellent driving is what got him the win, Gene Caldwell who was steady all night finished second, and Jim “Crazy J” Nelson was third. It was erroneously reported a few weeks ago that Sid had picked up his first podium, and this finish indeed is his 4th podium to date. Might be his first win (I think) HA!



7 experts were on hand, including Jim Nelson once again doing double duty. A special Booyah! goes to Mark Nelson, who was tonight’s top qualifier at a 4.55. Mark is a recent graduate of the amateur class, and spent the better part of the Summer, and early Fall, frankly getting his butt kicked. However, working on your car each week, and asking some questions has propelled him to one of the guys you have to deal with if you are thinking about winning the race. Mark is one of my favorite guys at the track, and he and his wife Cora are at the track every week.
Onto the race itself, Bill Clemans jumped out to the lead, followed by Lee Gilbert, and “The King” Dale Olive. Bill decided to set a fast pace tonight, and halfway through, was on target to finish with 302 laps. Aaron Roed spent the entire race chipping away at the lead, and pulled to within 7 sections going into the final segment. Aaron was finishing on Blue lane, while Bill was on Purple. Aww the little things that go into winning one of these races, as I edged Bill in qualifying, allowing myself to start on Purple, and end on Blue, something that Mr. Clemans likes to do as well. Bill is one of a couple guys at the track who I try and imitate their driving styles, and largely due to having a better lane to finish up on, I was able to take the win. Bill was second, and PSCR’s new superstar, Mark Nelson was third.

Saturday Nov. 21st is LMP, Group 10, GT 12, and 1/24 ES.

Series Racing Now The 3rd Saturday Of The Month

By: Aaron Roed
November 3, 2015

All series racing will be done on the third Saturday of the month. LMP, Group 10, GT 12, and 1/24 ES will all run on the same day. Along with the Saturday racing program, the Nascar class runs every Friday night.

USRA Division II National Championships April 18 – 23 2016

By: jradford
October 29, 2015

2016 USRA Nationals Official Schedule
Pacific Slot Car Raceways, Edgewood Washington
April 18 – 23 2016
Pre Registration Open 11/30/2015 – 4/1/2016

Monday April 18th
JRL (Twister)
LMP (Hillclimb) (Handout Motor will be JK Hawk-7 #30307)
Tuesday April 19th
GTP (Twister)
Group-10 (Hillclimb) (Body choice will be Red Designs JR Long Rib)
Wednesday April 20th
1/32 F1 Eurosport (Twister)
Thursday April 21st
GT-12 Amateur (Twister)
GT-12 Expert (Twister)
Friday April 22nd
1/32 Eurosport (Twister)
Saturday April 23rd
1/24 Eurosport (Twister)

Entry Fees:
$10 Daily Pit Pass includes practice time
GT-12/GTP/Group-10/JRL: $20
LMP: $35 (Includes 1 Handout Motor)
ESF1/ES32/ES24: $35

Warmup Races:
Held Monthly on the 3rd Saturday of the Month and Include the following Classes: ES24, GT-12 (Using Amateur Body), GTP, and LMP.

Exciting Finishes For The Friday Night Stock Car Class

By: Aaron Roed
October 25, 2015


15 racers were on hand for this weeks nascar races. The Schofield family will be back soon, we may have 18-20 racers on any given Friday night. Both races featured numerous changes in the running order throughout the race, and some drama at the end.
8 amateurs lined up for their main, and Chris Alden jumped out to an early lead. Returning to the raceway after a little time off was Gene Caldwell, who picked up right where he left off and applied pressure to Chris all night. Gene is a conservative racer, who is cautiously aggressive, and put himself into position to race for the win come the 7th segment. Going into the final segment, Gene was 1 lap off the lead, and took the win. Chris did have some body issues that dropped him back to 4th, it would have been super tight between those 2 at the end. Both racers will be back on friday, and look for more great racing in the amateur class. Sid Fugate picked up his first podium ( I think), nice job Sid! Bring your A game this week ladies and gentleman, as racing looks to get even closer in this class.

8 experts timed in, including Crazy J deciding to run with the experts as well. Tom Hansen was TQ at a 4.44, just missing the track record held by Tim Burgess. In the battle for starting on Purple lane, Bill Clemans edged Aaron Roed.
There was a lot of action on the track, and some really hard racing going on for the lead. Aaron and Tom swapped the lead numerous times in the first half of the race. Biding his time, and just making laps was Lee Gilbert who put himself right in the mix in the later stages of the race. Lee had the lead by a few car lengths over Aaron going into the final segment, however Aaron was finishing on Orange, and Lee was on Red. Taking a page out of Jim Radford’s book, I was able to jump ahead of Lee on the restart, but Lee was able to navigate the Twister better than I did and took the win. I was kinda bummed at the end, as I perceive both Lee and Tom to be better racers than me, and darn it I led most of that race. That’s racing, and I can’t wait to do it again this Friday!

The LMP, and Group 10 season kicks off on Nov 7th. Now is the time to get your cars ready to go for the start of that series. There is a comments section right below each of the articles that are written on this page, I am interested to hear everyone’s opinion on any race that happens at the track.

Radford and Everett Off To Fast Start

By: Aaron Roed


1/24 ES winner, Bob Everett!



One week ago was the start of the Fall/Winter Series for GT12, and 1/24 ES. Entries were a little light, but they did include Rick Linn from California.
Jim Radford was TQ in GT 12, at a 3.39, which tied the track record. Jimmy went on to win the race by a large margin, followed by Rick, and Bob Everett.

1/24 ES was up next, and Lee Giilbert set fast time in qualifying at a 3.203, with Tim Burgess right there at a 3.206. Thanks to some volunteer turn marshals we were able to run all 7 cars at once. The top 3 ran in the same order the whole race, Bob Everett was the winner, followed by Aaron Roed, and Rick Linn. Rick is a fantastic racer, who raced with us at the Flats, and came back for more.

Fall/Winter Series Preview GT 12& 1/24 ES

By: Aaron Roed
October 14, 2015

GT 12 is a fun class, partly because we use high downforce bodies which enable us to really keep our speed up in the corners, and with the increased speed comes the increased danger of hurting your car should you crash into something. Having a race strategy and believing in it is crucial.
Last series saw 4 different winners in the 5 races run. Radford picked up 2 wins, Lenny, C. Everett, and Bill Clemans each had 1 a piece. Shawn Sweeney comes off of his win at the Flats, and you know Tim and Bob are going to bring the heat as well. I am using my Saunders for the second time (built by J. Radford) and if I could ever settle on a gear ratio I might be in business! Chelan’s Rick Dodge travels from the dry side each month, and I’m certain he will be quick as well.

1/24 ES is the fastest class of cars we run at the track. The fast guys can get their cars into the 3.20 sec. a lap range in race conditions. I would encourage everyone to stop in and watch these cars race, I know when I saw these cars for the first time, I wondered how do you even keep track of your car. Truth is, you kinda don’t, especially when running in a pack.
Unless your last name is Everett, you haven’t won a race since March. Bob n Chris have finished 1-2 in the last couple races, including the flats. Jim and Lee are back, and are always running at the front of this class. Again Rick Dodge brings a fast car, paired with exceptional driving, makes him one of the guys you have to beat. Timmy is going to be fast, with a paint job that is second to none on his car. Mike Stahl is coming off his podium finish at the Flats, and was in practicing 3-4 weeks ago. Leonard is as fast as anyone with these cars, and will be in the mix as well. Should Ian Guy be racing this month, look for him to compete for a podium spot, as he finished 4th in the last series race back in June. I think I will be a little better as well.

Racing starts at 3pm, stop in and watch these cars on the track for a bit, these are the fast cars, with top notch racers trying to keep control of them.

Season Opener October 17th

By: Aaron Roed
October 7, 2015

The Fall/Winter Series kicks off the 17th of October. GT12 and 1/24 ES will be racing that day. Racing starts at 3pm.

Alden Makes It 2 In A Row

By: Aaron Roed

11 racers were on hand for some great Friday night Nascar action on the Twister.
5 amateurs lined up for their main event, and Chris Alden would take command of this race right from the start. Jim Nelson applied some pressure early, but Chris was strong tonight. Jim would finish 2nd, ahead of a racer who improves each and every time she is on the track, Cora Nelson. To the best of my knowledge this was Cora’s first podium, so make sure to congratulate her the next time you see her. Looks like her crew chief has that car running well.

On to the expert group, and Tom Hansen paced the field in qualifying with a 4.59. Times were off just a bit this week, but that certainly didn’t take away from some good racing on the track.
Hansen, Bill Clemans, and Aaron Roed each took turns leading this race, with a fantastic battle between them during the fist half of the race. Each racer would however run into some trouble in the later stages, Aaron held on for the win, followed by Clemans, and Hansen.

Racing again this Friday at 7pm. Haven’t seen Lenny in a few weeks, and maybe I can harass Burgess a bit and get him out there to. Gordy should be back this week, maybe he can pick up Gene Caldwell as they both live in the Kirkland area.

Fall Warm Up Race Results

By: Aaron Roed
September 22, 2015

12 LMP racers started the day off with Tim Burgess setting fast time at a 4.15. The B main was up first, and Chis Alden got the early lead. Leonard Strand who is not a B main racer, but had a B main car would hold onto 2nd, and the up and coming superstar Roman Ruiz was right in the thick of it as well. Roman used good driving to wrestle the lead away from the top 2, and take the win in this race. Lenny finished 2nd, and Mark Nelson came honme 3rd. Sid Fugate raced in his first LMP race, and was good. In talking to him a bit, He really like this class.

The A main was up next, and with just a tenth separating the field, this was anyone’s race. Perhaps the most competitive LMP race in the 4 years I’ve been at the track, and there have been many tight races, this race had 4 lead changes and came down right to the end. Tom Hansen was able to edge Bill Clemans by 2 sections, with Aaron Roed coming in just a lap behind those two. Timmy would be the last to admit it, but had some bad racing luck, otherwise he would have been in the 320-322 lap range as well. Lee Gilbert may have had the fastest car, but a loose wheel got him in this one. The top 4 racers were separated by 4 laps at the end, but it was even closer than that throughout the race. Happy to hit the podium in this race, as this group of racers are the best of the best in my book. With all of us dripping with sweat from intense concentration, and adrenaline, you would have thought we had just finished some 2 on 2 basketball.

Group 10 was up next, and again Timmy was fast time at a 3.71. With 7 racers ready to go, and down a marshall, keeping your car in the slot was as important as it always is. Roman would be the winner, followed by Tom, and Leonard. Great win for Roman, as he took down some really good racers. Series racing resumes in October.


Below please check out "YOU TUBE" videos of racing Gp 10 on the Twister plus Dan and Rob explaining some of the cars and classes we run.
In memory of our dear friend and fellow racer Rob McCuistion 1957 - 2012

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